4 Reasons for Quarantining in a Hotel During Coronavirus

Hotels in Morro Bay, CA, and around the nation have provided hospitality and care to travelers for years. Still, people in the industry never would have imagined they’d be doing something slightly different thanks to COVID-19. The welcoming staff at Ascot Suites, a premier hotel Morro Bay visitors can rely on for maximum comfort and high-quality service, suggest these four reasons people might quarantine at a hotel during the pandemic.

1. Just Getting In

Many states and countries are requiring travelers to quarantine for 14 days in hotels before getting out and about. Those who are monitoring the problem keep up with visitors to make sure they stay in quarantine, just in case travelers have brought COVID-19 with them.

Hopefully, travelers are okay and can enjoy their trips after the 14-day quarantine, which is possible thanks to hotels. The same thing happens when they return home. Some people who have family members at home decide to self-quarantine in hotels after their trips.

2. The Roommate Issue

Living with a roommate can get complicated if someone in the home tests positive for COVID-19. If this happens, one of the roommates should temporarily move out to keep the other one safe. However, the person who tests positive usually can’t move into a family member’s home and risk infecting them.

If the person moving out for a time is the one with COVID-19, one solution is to stay in a hotel room, where isolation is easy. Food can be ordered, delivered, and dropped off at the door. The individual without COVID-19 could move out, but that means the entire home will have to be thoroughly disinfected before the healthy roommate’s return.

3. No Room Back Home

Those who are working the front lines during the pandemic sometimes need to stay in hotels. Some might try to stay in their vehicles or garages, but the reality is neither solution is comfortable.

Going to the restroom and cooking can present a problem. The chances of infecting someone else in the household is still there, no matter how many precautions the individual takes. This is the reason people in this situation are turning to hotels, at least until things settle down.

4. In Between Places

Most people are trying to stay put, but sometimes that’s impossible even during these difficult times. The problem is finding a place that’s willing to offer you an apartment during the pandemic. For moments like this, a hotel is the best solution. If you’ve been having difficulty finding a place within your price range, a hotel can give you a buffer zone so you can keep looking and quarantine while you search.

People who need to self-quarantine for several days will want to choose a hotel that offers high-quality service and maximum comfort. If you’re looking to stay at one of the most welcoming, comfortable hotels in Morro Bay, reserve a room or suite at Ascot Suites. We provide all the amenities our guests need for a relaxing stay, including mini-refrigerators, flat-screen TVs, and complimentary WiFi. To find out more about our exceptional accommodations and reserve your room, call us today at 800-887-6454.