6 Handy Travel Hacks to Use when You Vacation in Morro Bay

Traveling to Morro Bay, CA, provides you with access to some of the most amazing beaches, parks, museums, and restaurants. To make your vacation even more enjoyable and less chaotic, incorporate some of the travel hacks mentioned below. These tips can make the trip easier for the entire family.

1. Don’t Pack Too Many Accessories

Find out if the Morro Bay hotel you’re staying at offers some of the items you’ll need during your visit. Some local stores also sell accessories for affordable prices, allowing you more room in your luggage. Another benefit is not stressing over cleaning and repacking the accessories when it’s time to go home.

2. Ask for Discounts

Local businesses often offer family and individual discounts for popular attractions in Morro Bay. However, you may need to inquire about those specials, ensuring you get as much as you can for free or at a special rate, as opposed to skipping an activity because you don’t want to pay full price.

3. Use Baby Powder or Cornstarch

Getting sand stuck on your clothing and feet is almost always guaranteed at the beach, but it shouldn’t stop your family from visiting one of the Morro Bay beaches or the strip of dunes. A hack for removing sand from your family’s hands and feet is using baby powder or cornstarch. The products absorb the moisture from the sand, allowing you to brush it away with less hassle.

4. Plan Ahead for Children

Booking activities ahead of time for children is essential to reduce the odds of not getting in due to overcrowding. It’s crucial to plan activities your children can enjoy instead of only focusing on your preferences and adult-themed attractions. Keep in mind that reservations to some of these programs could fill up months in advance, so plan ahead.

5. Dress Accordingly

The weather is nice in Morro Bay, but it would be best to pack so you can dress in layers while on vacation, specifically in the warmer months, when the mornings and nights can be cooler and cloudy. Although the temperatures generally warm up around the afternoon, the summer nights in this California town could include some fog and chilliness. Pack a light jacket when traveling in addition to slacks, jumpers, lightweight sweatshirts, rain boots, gloves, waterproof footwear, and umbrellas. Always research the weather forecast before choosing clothing and footwear to ensure you have what you need.

6. Look for Local Grocery Stores

Finding snacks all your children love or purchasing items you forgot is easier to do when choosing to shop at a local grocery store. Before your trip, search local grocery stores, ensuring your hotel is nearby. Many of these stores even offer delivery through popular apps, which provides more convenience.

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