What Are Morro Bay’s Most Popular Sites for Visitors?

Morro Bay is a beautiful coastal town in California that offers scenic views from the roadside that are even more amazing once you get up close. First-time visitors often ask about what there is to do in this small city, and you’ll discover there are a wealth of opportunities to get in touch with nature and learn more about the ocean. As you prepare for your trip, you’ll want to add these top places people visit to your itinerary to round out a perfect vacation.

Morro Rock

Locals simply call this top attraction “The Rock,” and you’ll find it hard to miss as you drive along the coastline. Morro Rock is a 576-foot remnant of a volcano that rests at the mouth of Morro Bay. You can choose to view this primary focal point up close by driving right up to its base, or you can get a closer look by taking one of the many boat tours offered in the area.

Morro Bay State Park

Morro Rock is a prime spot for bird watching, but you can also explore other opportunities for viewing California’s wildlife once you’ve had your fill of taking in the beauty of the volcanic remnant. Morro Bay State Park is just a short bike ride or drive from the main part of the city, and you’ll find an abundance of mountain biking and hiking trails here to help you burn off some energy. After spending your day here enjoying the sun and fresh air, you’ll be ready to return to your hotel in Morro Bay for some rest and relaxation.

The Morro Bay National Estuary

Just viewing the wildlife might not be enough if you or your kids have an interest in the local animals. The Morro Bay National Estuary encompasses 2,300 acres of land, and it’s a federally protected haven for wildlife. Visitors to the estuary are treated to the opportunity to explore the trails that run along the edges of the habitat. Taking a kayak tour is also an option to get a deeper understanding of the majestic beauty of the animals that make Morro Bay their home.

The Embarcadero

This is the city’s main thoroughfare along Morro Bay, and here you’ll find numerous restaurants and shops that all tap into the coastal theme. You can hang out and play a game of outdoor chess at Centennial Plaza and try one of the top restaurants in the area before you head out for more adventures.

The Morro Bay Maritime Museum

At some point, you might be ready to check out how other people got around on the water during earlier times. You’ll notice the Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle parked in front of the museum right away, and it sets the stage for more discoveries once you explore the site more. You can check out tugboats and a real Coast Guard rescue boat to get a greater understanding of the many aquatic vessels people use to make their way across the water.

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