Fun Ways to Enjoy Morro Bay at the Start of the Year

A trip to Morro Bay is worth taking at any time of the year. If you have plans to head this way earlier during the year, you won’t have to worry about missing out on the abundance of fun waiting to be had here. Part of the reason is because the weather’s pleasant pretty much year-round. Read on for a closer look at some of the fun things to do in Morro Bay early in the year.

Spend Time at the Beach

As a coastal city, Morro Bay doesn’t disappoint when it comes to beach-related possibilities for fun things to do. It’s not unusual to be able to comfortably enjoy some time at popular local beach destinations early in the year because of the year-round weather perks mentioned above. Top beaches in the Morro Bay area include:

• Morro Bay Beach, where you can get a look at Morro Rock, the city’s most notable physical feature
• North Beach, which has five miles of walkable sand
• Toro Creek, where an assortment of sea creatures can be viewed year-round

After spending your day in the sun and fresh air, you’ll be ready to grab some hot cocoa and head back for a relaxing evening at your hotel in Morro Bay.

Play Golf

Even during the cooler months earlier in the year, Morro Bay Golf Course is typically open and accessible. In addition to playing golf at this picturesque public course, you’re welcome to check out the buffet offerings at the on-site restaurant or do some shopping at the store also located here.


Shopping, in general, is an activity you can enjoy early in the year in Morro Bay at any of the uniquely appealing boutiques, shops, and stores peppered throughout the area. The main shopping areas here include the Embarcadero, Main Street, Morro Bay Boulevard, and Front Street.

Plan a Romantic Valentine’s-Themed Getaway

A fantastic and fun way to enjoy Morro Bay early in the year is to come here sometime around Valentine’s Day. A romantic getaway in Morro Bay can include an intimate dinner at a waterfront-adjacent place like Windows on the Water or The Galley Seafood Grill & Bar‎. Another option is to charter a private cocktail cruise offered by a local company, such as Morro on the Rocks.

Check Out Local Events

Morro Bay is a bustling community that presents many opportunities to enjoy events open to the public at various times of the year. If part of your idea of a fun trip is immersing yourself in community happenings, consider an early 2022 visit to Morro Bay that includes local events. For instance, Art Center Morro Bay has the For the Birds exhibit running through February 21st.

Enjoy a Local Concert

Have a rockin’ good time in Morro Bay early in the year by timing your visit to coincide with a local concert that appeals to you. Some of the local concerts already scheduled for early 2022 include:

• Wild Child featuring Dave Brock on January 29th at The Siren
• The Blasters on February 19th at The Siren
• Allen Stone on February 1st at the Fremont Theater in nearby San Luis Obispo

No matter what kind of fun you’re looking for to start your year, Morro Bay is the ideal spot. Whether you’re visiting with your sweetheart or enjoying a trip with the whole family, you’ll find the perfect blend of elegance, comfort, and relaxing atmosphere at Ascot Suites. From rooms with cozy fireplaces and balconies featuring views of the bay to the rooftop sun deck overlooking Morro Rock, we can provide you with the perfect vacation getaway experience. If you’d like to reserve a room at one of the most charming Morro Bay hotels, call us today at 800-887-6454.