How Can I Have More Fun while I’m Traveling?

Traveling should be an enjoyable, memorable, and rewarding experience whenever possible, especially if it’s recreational. Whether your travels will be taking you to a seaside escape like Morro Bay or elsewhere, there are some ways you can make traveling more fun. Keep reading to discover the tips we recommend to boost your travel-related fun potential.

Take Care of Flight & Hotel Arrangements Early

Avoid potential sources of stress involving your Morro Bay hotel accommodations and flight arrangements by crossing these two things off your to-do list as soon as possible. It’s fairly easy to take care of these details online once you know your travel dates. As long as we’re on the topic of planning early, traveling can also be more fun for you if you take care of smaller things at home before you leave. This list typically includes:

• Refilling medications
• Arranging for the care of pets
• Clearing your work-related calendar

Bring Small Things to Keep Everyone Occupied

If you’ll be traveling with kids or teens, make traveling more fun for everyone by bringing little things to keep everyone occupied. For younger travelers, this usually includes things like handheld devices, puzzles, and small toys or games. You may also appreciate bringing an e-reader along for yourself so you’ll have the option to read something you like as you travel.

Make Restaurant Reservations Before You Arrive

In places like Morro Bay, there are plenty of local eateries, such as Bayside Café and the Galley Seafood Grill & Bar‎, where you can usually just show up during your visit and find a great spot to sit and dine. However, if you have plans to treat yourself to a really good meal at a higher-end restaurant during your travels, make reservations ahead of time to avoid frustrations over not getting a table. Plus, you’ll be able to be more choosy with where you dine if you reserve ahead of time.

Explore Day Trip Options

Traveling can definitely be more fun if you include a few nearby destinations you can easily get to once you arrive. Day trips also present extra opportunities to discover local gems and other things you’ll be glad you didn’t miss out on. In the Morro Bay area, day trip possibilities include:

• The charming village of Cambria
• Montaña de Oro State Park in Los Osos
• The coastal village of Cayucos
• Paso Robles, which is known for its wineries and olive groves

Put Together a List of Things You Want to Do

You’ll have more fun if you allow room for some spontaneous activities. At the same time, your trip can be even more fun if you have a general list of things you want to do and see. This also reduces the possibility of post-trip regrets when you get back home and find out about things you could have done. With Morro Bay, the to-do list options include:

• Checking out Morro Rock
• Visiting Morro Bay State Park
• Birdwatching at the Morro Bay National Estuary Preserve
• Strolling along the bustling Embarcadero

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